Notes from COP15

Friday, December 11, 2009 |

By Lorie Wigle, President
Climate Savers Computing Initiative

The opportunity to participate in the opening week of the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen (COP15) has been a great experience. I am here to discuss the role of ICT in reducing CO2 emissions in several different forums, but have also been attending portions of the official climate conference itself, including a discussion (pictured below) by representatives of island nations about the urgent need for a binding climate agreement.

The proceedings have been a needed dose of reality for the ICT industry. It has helped bring to the forefront the importance of our goal at Climate Savers Computing of reducing CO2 emissions from computing by 54 million tons.

I was on hand here for the release of a new study released by IDC on how ICT can contribute to sustainability. (You can also listen to a recording from this event.)

I also just spoke at the Green IT Panel on which the senior corporate management from Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Konica Minolta and Microsoft collaborated to discuss how to counteract climate change and provide input for the ongoing climate negotiations at COP15.

We’ve got more to do, and our industry will need to continue the fantastic collaboration that has made Climate Savers Computing a success. There’s more to come, and I’ll be posting a recap of the next few days soon.

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